"Creation" - triptyque 2007)

"Creation "- triptyque (2007)

"Sonia Casari displayed the Sacred Representation on the parvis of St. Michael's Church. Through her choice of materials, which are evidently poor, her installation
reaches the limit of  total abstraction: the geometrical shapes on the static squares close the symbols/actors of the representation into spaces that are more similar to the
rings in which Bacon's mangled human larvae were imprisoned rather than the platforms placed in front of churches on which people  used to interprete the
Passion scenes in 15th century. The mathematical pureness of the shapes in the main element of the installation - as part of a whole metaphor of the Trinity
alluding to God who made himself a man - translate into tangled briars and red lacerated flesh, whose linear and spiritual implications cannot be forced and
find their end into the rigid structures of the system." (Fulvio Dell'Agnese )

The symbolic value of the 'Creation' characterizes the disposition of the elements. The three squares at the bottom indicate the Earth, where life exists, the material world.
RED: Christ's lymph, the energy of primordial fire, the Mother fighting for life ... like darkness waits for light. WHITE: the Truth (which is God for Christians),
the Offer, the Father who brings light into darkness. The Spirit lies in the middle: humans' attempt to represent it! (S. Casari)