Installation: A ladder to the moon (detail)

Installation: A ladder to the moon (detail)

Dimension: H 250cm x 30cm

Acetate sheets have been finely scratched and a blowtorch has been used to work on them. The attached silver and steel wires highlight the moonstones which
casually pass through the space.

"There is a light and transparent ladder suspended in the air. The wind and emotions get through it. It is a ladder that is not there. White spaces take over and
mark the footsteps in the impalpable sky. The moon is always there. It is our insatiable desire to reach for the afterworld..." (S. Casari)

The installation was exhibited in 2010 in Borgo Fornasir, Cervignano del Friuli (Udine, Italy), on the occasion of an event organized in memory of the Italian writer,
Italo Calvino: 'A ladder to the moon' (Orietta Masin's project - critique by Fulvio Dell'Agnese).